Respiratory physiotherapy

The human breath is the driving force of the body for any function in its daily life. When a person has any problem with his respiratory function, every movement is more difficult and there is also intense stress, both muscular and psychological.

By respiratory physiotherapy we mean all those manipulations and positions that the physiotherapist is called upon to use, in order to help a person who is experiencing a difficulty in respiratory function.

In any case, the physiotherapist can help to better organize the respiratory process in both children and adults:

  • With proper placement in suction positions
  • With positive pressure and vibrations for expectoration of mucus
  • By guiding breathing retraining through breathing exercises
  • By retraining the muscles for better ventilation and strengthening
  • With bronchial drainage using appropriate manipulations

The goals of the physiotherapy program in terms of respiratory function are:

  • Pulmonary ventilation
  • Strengthening the respiratory muscles
  • Purification and drainage of bronchial secretions