Physio4you is a standard specialized center for therapeutic approach and rehabilitation of infants, children and adults. At our facilities you can be sure that we will provide a completely personalized physiotherapy approach to your problem.

Sensory Integration Room

People function with the help and cooperation of a set of systems which are organized, self-adapting and constantly interacting through the stimuli received from the external and internal environment, so that daily operation at all levels is smooth and properly regulated in every case.

When for any reason the regulation and interaction of these systems deviates or differentiates, it is not possible to properly plan and redefine the motor activity of the individual in his daily life.

This can have a negative effect either in the form of behavioral action or self-regulation of the individual’s emotional and even psychological behavior model.

Through the effort of holistic intervention in children with sensory deviations or disorders, we created a complete physiotherapy program adapted to the need for sensory integration. The whole effort is made with the aim of the best organization of all the systems of the child, always taking into account its needs and peculiarities.

The aim of the program is the complete and positive direction of the intervention, treating the child as a whole, as a person who will be called to face everyday life and must respond to it in the best possible way.

Kinesiotherapy (OMT) and electrotherapy room

In the kinesiotherapy and electrotherapy room we provide our services to patients with neuromusculoskeletal disorders, sports injuries and any problem of movement or organization in daily activities. Our experience and consistency guarantee the best result of our intervention.

Kinesiotherapy is based on the combination of the Orthopedic Manipulative Therapy method, the NDT-Bobath method and the PNF method, to guarantee the best results based on the patient’s problems and needs.

Specialized physiotherapy intervention in newborns and infants

In our facilities we have created a very warm and friendly environment so that both the parent and the child who needs intervention, feel comfortable and safe. Our many years of experience and our dynamically evolving training are elements on which we base our specialized and fully personalized intervention.

Every infant and parent have different needs and concerns respectively, and need different intervention and treatment as different personalities.

Our goal is for everyone, parents and infants, to feel safe, and trust that are getting the best possible intervention. The method used in our area for infants and newborns is Neurodevelopmental Education (NDT-Bobath) for which you can refer to the techniques for further information.