NDT-Bobath Neurodevelopmental Treatment Method

The NDT-Bobath method, or Neurodevelopmental Therapy, as it is known today, is concerned with the neurological rehabilitation of infants, children and adults with some form of brain damage. The aim of the application of the method, developed by the couple Karel and Berta Bobath, is to promote the learning of motor patterns through effective aesthetic-motor control in various environments, thus improving the participation and functioning of the individual in his daily activities.

Through the facilitation of normal motor movement patterns, the patient is retrained in functional activities in order to re-integrate with the most normal possible motor model in his early social life. This approach to neurological rehabilitation is interdisciplinary and involves mainly physiotherapists, but is also aimed at professional occupational therapists and speech therapists. (A Neurophysiological Basis for the Treatment of Cerebral Palsy, by Karel Bobath)